Installation & Commissioning

With experience spanning over three decades, Pamarine provide scalable and comprehensive onboard installation and commissioning services, together with well-developed and dedicated customer support to maximum operational efficiency.

Pamarine have a qualified team of installation and commissioning engineers with a wealth of experience to handle these requirements. All our personnel have the necessary skills for the job, as they are trained in planning, coordination, management, and supervision and inspection duties. A tailored commissioning visit can also be proposed based on a set of specific terms and conditions.

We pledge to deliver the desired efficient production processes to you through services and execution strategies that are tailored to your needs.

  •   Pamarine Private Limited,
         22, Tuas West Road
         Singapore 638380
  •   +65 6861 8922
  •   +65 6861 7022

About Pamarine

Founded in 1975, Pamarine is a privately held market leader focused on the supply and servicing of marine equipment.

As a highly qualified and dedicated partner to our clients, consulting on equipment needs and regulatory controls, Pamarine delivers turnkey solutions supported by uncompromising high standards of service that are certified to the latest requirements of IMO, SOLAS, the EU and USCG.

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